A Very Warm Welcome from
Thomas Telling

Author, writer, scriptwriter, copywriter,
in fact, an all round wordsmith, based
in glorious Sidmouth, Devon.

If you need a copywriter, a scriptwriter or
a ghost writer, I could be just your man!

My World is Your World

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Quiet please! Trying to work the magic..

Coming soon to a Kindle near you…

Well, for the moment, watch this space!  I hope for release: Early 2024

But of course, if there is something I can do for you, that would  be far more important! Just Click CONTACT ME and I'll be all ears.

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Film Producer

I am associated with
Merlin Video Productions.
as a producer, scriptwiter, and scribing the copy for the website.

Just click the button to take a peek.

Scriptwriter for film or stage, corporate or entertainment, documentary or fiction. I will discuss your ideas, turn them into a working script and/or a shooting script.

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Manufacturing Software

OK, I’m also linked with
Merlin MRP Software.

I wrote the User Guide and all the copy on thewebsite, too.

Manufacturers, this one is for you!

So, how can I help you?